"You're About To Learn The Secrets Most Athletes Will Never Know About How To Dramatically Boost Their Performance Using Simple Mental Game Secrets..."

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  • A SHOCKING mistake you may be making, causing you to be overly nervous which spirals into negative thinking before and during competition…
  • A simple strategy to find your performance “sweet spot”, so every drop of talent and skill oozes out of you during competition… (the cool thing is… it’s something 87% of athletes won’t do, so you’ll gain the advantage.)
  • You’ll finally discover what the “Mind Mender” is that’s been talked about on blogs and training forums around the internet… (it has to do with recovering from injuries quickly and with increased confidence.)
  • Do you worry about what teammates or coaches are thinking of you? Well… inside you’ll discover the proven mindset tweak to delete those worries and start playing to your potential…  (this is the #1 problem my professional and Olympic clients struggle with and if you change it, could mean a dramatic improvement in your competitive results!)
  • The motivation secrets of the greatest athletes the world has ever known… If you ever feel unmotivated.  9 times out of 10 it’s because of this mistake you’re making…
“Todd Herman is a Sports Training Superstar.”
Boston Herald

“Who Am I And What Is The  Champions Challenge?”

Todd Herman, The Champions Challenge

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My name is Todd Herman and I help athletes boost their performance and improve their confidence so they can achieve their goals.

Through The Champions Challenge we’ve helped over 12,383 athletes from 31 countries and 59 different sports earn scholarships, make professional teams, win gold medals and break records. How?  By simply removing the mental blocks that prevent your talent and skills from being executed.

I am the founder of The Peak Athlete, a global sports training company and have been the Mental Game Coach to Professional and Olympic athletes for over 8 years.

Why am I giving you these videos? Simple. I’m tired of seeing athletes with a ton of potential sabotage themselves and their future because they’re unaware of simple ways to boost their performance and results.  This is a way for me to share with you the training Professional and Olympic athletes use to perform their best, achieve fantastic goals and inspire their fans, teammates and family.

“My confidence is higher than ever and I’m finally believing in myself.  My performance is increasing, especially my hitting and I am realizing I’m much more calm in games now.  Thank you so much!”
Cody Castro ~ Baseball Player

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“Thanks for offering these great videos and tips. I believe this program has been the key to my success so far. I’m a freshman in high school and I just made the varsity basketball team!”
Will Bubenik ~ 15 Yrs Old ~ Basketball Player